About DeviousRex of Black Ink Photography

Dennis O'Neill, aka DeviousRex, began taking and developing his own photos in high school in the 1980s. In the Army in the 1990s, while stationed in Germany, he discovered his love for the aesthetic of latex. After departing the military in 1999 he started mixing his two passions and in 2004 he moved to Portland where he started shooting in earnest and growing what is now his body of work. 


It's been Dennis' desire to create erotic, evocative and thoughtful images that are compelling but not pornographic. It's his intent to empower his artistic partners and create art that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. He is driven by contrasts, both in light and ideas. He endeavors to combine light and latex to create the illusion that a model is dressed in liquid. He loves introducing people to latex and seeing them fall in love with it.

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